About HOTEL Soyokaze飯店介紹


飯店期待成為您的「日本故鄉」。Hotel Soyokaze,Your “Home in Japan”

遠離都市的塵囂,位於眺望高台上的HOTEL Soyokaze,邀您漫步於清新的微風中,享受悠閒時光。
品嚐著美味的餐點,暢享互訴歡欣的時刻。以溫馨待客之心來迎接所有的造訪者,並期望這裡成為每位造訪者的「日本故鄉」。Born in Karuizawa in 1978, the hotel is a western-style building with a history and one of the few hotels that can be shared with pets.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, HOTEL Soyokaze on the overlooking platform invites you to stroll in the fresh breeze and enjoy leisure time.
Savour delicious meals and enjoy moments of mutual joy. We welcome all visitors with a warm hospitality,
and look forward to becoming the “Hometown of Japan” for each visitor.

Guest Room

備有6種不同風味類型的房間。We offer six different types of room accomodations.


The hotel has 6 types of guest rooms according to customer needs.
There are rooms with a balcony, rooms with a private courtyard, and Japanese-style tatami rooms. In winter, it is popular with people overseas because of its electric heater.


在森林浴池裡讓身心暢快活絡You can refresh body and soul in forest bath.


In addition to the baths in the guest rooms, there is also a large open-air bath with a 24-hour bath. In the bath surrounded by nature, you can enjoy the changing seasons of Karuizawa while bathing.